I am a wombat.

Elena. 22. From Saint Petersburg (Russia).
I'd like to fill my blog with random, mostly meaningless stuff.


fool me once shame on you - fool me twice shame on me

Happy April Fool’s Day ♥

I don’t play Durak.

—Said no Russian person, ever. (via russianproblems)

Я не собираюсь умирать трезвым!

—Джордан Белфорт, “Волк с Уолл-Стрит” (via thematreshki)


Do people embrace the people they hardly know with a force of a raging monkey? No? Then I still can’t understand how grown-up girls can be stupid enough to hang on the annoyed bodies of Theo/Adam like they, girls, know no shit about such a thing as “personal space”. You know. PERSONAL SPACE.